Darren Gillies

darren existentialism network picDarren is in the final year of his Philosophy degree at the University of Glasgow, preparing to continue studying European philosophy at masters level and then with a PhD, elsewhere in the UK or in Europe itself. His chief interests are in existential philosophy and phenomenology, which he has pursued primarily through Sartre, Heidegger and Husserl. Papers which he is presently preparing for submission for publication involve exploring how authenticity can help us to cope with the grief of suicide; and how the present state of the art world, as an institution which grants acceptance to what we correctly deem to be art, fails to respect the subjectivity of the individual by denouncing their constitution of art as acceptable to their fellow artistic community. Darren is a current member of the Philosophy Society committee at the University of Glasgow, having also delivered an introduction to existential philosophy to students who will not otherwise be taught any existential philosophy during their degree.