Giovanni Gellera

GGellera - picture copyGiovanni Gellera was awarded a Ph.D. by the University of Glasgow in 2012 for a thesis in history of philosophy titled: “Natural Philosophy in the Graduation Theses of the Scottish Universities in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century”. He was Network Facilitator and researcher in the Leverhulme international project Scottish philosophers and philosophy in Seventeenth-century Scotland and France (2010-2014), P.I. Alexander Broadie.

After a Visiting Fellowship at the Université de Fribourg, his current position is Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Université de Lausanne (Switzerland) in the Swiss National Science Foundation project “Tolerance, Intolerance and Discrimination Regarding Religion” (2016-2020), P.I. Christian Maurer. His main contribution to the project is the critical edition and translation of the ms Idea Philosophiae Moralis (1679) by James Dundas, First Lord Arniston (with Alexander Broadie, under contract with Edinburgh University Press).

Gellera has a lively interest in the history of Scottish philosophy from the Middles Ages to the Enlightenment. His area of research is early modern philosophy, with a specific focus on pre-Enlightenment Scottish philosophy and intellectual history. He has worked on the relations between scholasticism and Cartesianism, on the theological dimensions of early modern philosophy, and on the continuities between early modern philosophy and the Enlightenment. He is currently working on early modern and contemporary themes in tolerance and intolerance regarding religion. Gellera’s publications include articles for the British Journal for the History of Philosophy, the Journal of Scottish Philosophy, History of Universities, and chapters in volumes by Oxford University Press, Routledge and Brill (forthcoming).